Eintracht Frankfurt in the final: a chance for the Champions League

Dhe 1-1 win over Borussia Mönchengladbach is one of the Bundesliga results that Frankfurter Eintracht have had the least impact on the club’s history in recent decades. To put it more briefly: nobody cares about it. Not even the return of Trainer Adi Hütter his new side added a touch of spice to the encounter as the Austrian has been out of touch this week and openly admitted his wrongdoing during the Frankfurt cordoning process.

Not even Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner may give the impression that this season is about anything other than the final of the Europe League goes. It’s a special final for Eintracht, and not just because it’s the first European final in 42 years. Not just because the Europa League winner reads so beautifully on the letterhead. It’s about a whopping 30 million euros.

Because if they triumph, Frankfurt will move into the group stage of the Champions League and will even be one of the best teams in the draw. If the Frankfurters then only fight in a similarly combative and reasonably successful way in the premier class campaign, the premiums quickly increase to 35, 40 and 45 million euros. In addition, group place three would lead to a winter in the Europa League. A defeat in Seville will allow the team to concentrate fully on the domestic competitions and on the “Unity in the region” friendly campaign.

Learning from Schwarzenegger

All or nothing – the headline does not apply to the final against Glasgow Rangers, because Eintracht does not need the rain of money to survive. But life would be a lot more pleasant, and the ambitious plan to eventually not only be among the top ten in German football, but also among the top six, would be put into practice more quickly.

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