Eintracht Frankfurt before the Champions League game with a mortgage

Dhat was a turbulent roller coaster ride. First the furious spectacle against Leipzig, then the sobering defeats against Lisbon and Wolfsburg. Overall, the first of a good eight intensive weeks of work was disappointing for Eintracht. Coach's team Oliver Glasner did not manage to follow the intoxicating 4-0 win against RB with further brilliant performances.

At the 0: 3 in the first Champions League game in the club's history the unity of not exactly overpowering Portuguese limits have been relentlessly shown. With the almost traditional Home defeat against VfL Wolfsburg in the core Bundesliga business, the team has also missed a lot of what it was against a week ago Leipzig had worked. Could it be that the impressive home win over Leipzig was a slip and that Eintracht played beyond their means?

It is annoying that important players are not available due to injuries, especially now that the additional tasks in the premier class are happening on a weekly basis. Coach Glasner has against after the low blow Wolfsburg at least refrained from citing this as a possible excuse for the defeat.

Eintracht needs an increase

Instead, he opted for a general criticism of his team's overall performance. Glasner was rightly bitterly disappointed with a sluggish, uninspiring performance. After six rounds of points, Eintracht is where it was at the end of last season: eleventh place in no man's land in the table. But this cannot be the claim of the Europa League winner.

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