Eintracht Frankfurt before game in Marseille

Ehe emotional roller coasters that the Eintracht team are going through this late summer, giving them a stress test so early on that subjects the working atmosphere, which has recently been highly praised by everyone involved, to an additional stress test. Just over a month after the start of the season, with the Frankfurt team taking part in the Champions League new growth fantasies, more and more detailed problems are emerging, which make it difficult to immediately continue the successful work with the team.

Even if the meaningfulness of a table after six of 34 matchdays is to be evaluated with caution, there is no doubt that both the team and the coach Oliver Glasner as well as the number of supporters who, after the 0-1 defeat against VfL Wolfsburg, for the first time in a long time (in isolated cases) whistled at the performance of their favorites, had expected more than eleventh place in view of the comparatively comfortable opening program , which was also on the balance sheet at the end of the previous season.

"That was not enough"

Even more irritating than the manageable yield of eight points was the lack of plan and passion with which Eintracht could not get beyond a few attempts to lure a defensively organized opponent like VfL out of the reserve. Seven days after the 4-0 against RB Leipzigwhich had caused a storm of applause in the arena, the Frankfurters delivered a performance that caused astonishment, even under the impression of the sobering debut appearance in the premier class against Sporting Lisbon (0: 3).

Sports director Markus Krösche, who had declared the success against the Saxons a week ago in the same place as the "yardstick" by which everything and everyone would have to be measured from now on, was standing in the dark catacombs of the arena in the city forest early on Saturday evening and pulled with a bitter expression on his face Interim result: “That was not enough today. We have to improve.”

How this is to succeed, with a squad that initially does not offer the hoped-for variability due to injuries (Rode, Lenz, Touré, Buta, Onguene) and form crises (Borré, Alario), is the exciting question that Glasner faces in the short time available must answer. He is not to be envied for the difficulty of his task of meeting the increased expectations with currently limited possibilities.

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