Eggnog at the Christmas Market: Warm, spicy and sweet

Such a visit to the Christmas market can only be survived with an eggnog. The top mulled wine, grog and all the other hot drinks.

Two glasses of eggnog

After three sips, the eggnog sits in your legs. At the second glass, the language fails… Photo: imago

Luckily, the freezing cold days dragged on a bit this year. That tepid, golden October was a gift – yes, I know, bad for the climate, but let’s be honest, fantastic for the spirit. But now they are there, this cruel cold and the nasty north wind. You turn – already shivering anyway – around a corner and the felt hurricane literally pushes you into the front of the house. I’m suffering – yes, I know, at a high level – but still badly. At temperatures below 10 degrees I freeze, no matter what I wear. As far as I’m concerned, it’s also possible without winter, completely.

The only consolation I recognize as such is eggpunch. Oh, I can already see your reactions, because I already know them from my circle of friends. They then screech something like: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eggnog! Or: Eggnog, wat isn dit? Or: Too sweet, too sticky, too greasy.

Already clear, most people prefer winter, especially on the Christmas market, mulled wine. In all variants: as a heated red wine with ready-mixed mulled wine spices (one or three homemade at home), spiced up with cinnamon sticks, orange slices, cloves, star anise (for the professionals), with cognac or vodka, raisins and cardamom (known in the Nordic variant). as glögg). And then there are all the gimmicks with blueberry, strawberry, cherry or blackcurrant juice. So that it doesn’t bang like that.

If that’s still too sweet and too muddy for you, go for grog from the start: schnapps and hot water. Pure but boring.

After three sips, the eggnog sits in your legs

On the other hand, such an eggnog! After a long time outside (can’t do without fresh air and a few rays of light a day, no matter how cold it is), frozen through and greedy for a hot drink, the eggnog not only flushes warmth into the cooled body, but a lot happiness hormones. Because such an eggnog consists of eggnog, white wine, orange juice, lots of cream and a pinch of cinnamon on top. That’s warm, that’s spicy, that’s sweet. This is just perfect.

After three sips, the eggnog sits in your legs. With the second glass, speech fails, with the third one just wants to go to bed. That’s what I’ll say, too, if I like to say it out loud, it’s the only way to survive and end the visit to the Christmas market forced by the (adult) child.

Especially since it becomes uncomfortable again with the second glass. No, no, not because of the whirlpool in my head, but because of this shitty cold. We all know that: The first eggnog – or, for that matter, the first grog or the first mulled wine – heats up the mind and body. While the mind triumphs sustainably, the body, after a brief glow, slips into an icy state of shock.

For a very banal reason: Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow through the body. This creates a feeling of warmth for a short time. But then the body releases the heat to the outside world and the body temperature drops. At the same time, the body draws the heat it needs to function fully from the internal organs. The result: You freeze. Terrible. Me anyway.

So what to do?

Doctors, health fanatics and all those whose aura visibly hovers over them through self-optimization advise to abstain from alcohol in the cold — and carrying a thermos of hot tea and lemon instead. For a change, it can also be ginger with honey.

Nothing against hot ginger water, I also like to drink it. But almost nothing is as unsexy as a winter trip protected with a thermos flask! I would immediately break up with a man who, after a walk around the lake, asked me if I would like to share his lemon-ginger tea from the thermos with him.

Yet it is very simple. Simply drink eggnog, grog, mulled wine while it is warm. And you don’t need winter for ginger tea either, it lasts all year round.

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