Ebola vaccine testing begins next week in Uganda

An isolation tent in Madudu, Uganda is disinfected

The first doses of the new vaccine are expected to arrive in the affected regions next week.

(Photo: AP)

Geneva Almost two months after the outbreak of the dangerous Ebola disease in Uganda, the first tests are to be carried out there new vaccines start.

The first doses would be delivered next week, World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday. A committee of WHO and external experts assessed a total of three vaccine candidates and recommended including all three in the tests in Uganda.

Ebola cases in Uganda are due to the Sudan variant of the virus, for which there are no approved vaccines yet. Two vaccines are approved against the Zaire variant, which caused a major outbreak in West Africa around 2014, but they are not effective against the Sudan variant.

As of Wednesday, according to the WHO, there were 55 confirmed and 22 probable Ebola deaths and 141 confirmed and 22 probable cases in Uganda. 73 patients have recovered. The first death was registered at the end of September.

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