Ebola in Uganda’s schools

In Uganda schools will close two weeks earlier than planned due to the Ebola outbreak.

Education Minister Janet Kataha Museveni said this was necessary to reduce daily contact among students and stop the spread of the infectious disease.

Eight children are according to their information Ebola died, 23 infections were confirmed among students. At the beginning of September, the Ebola virus reappeared in the East African country for the first time in a long time. Since then, the life-threatening disease has spread.

Earlier this week, authorities had confirmed 135 infections and 53 deaths. The current virus variant is the rare Sudan strain, against which previous Ebola vaccines are not effective. However, two vaccines are in the development phase and clinical tests are expected shortly.

The Ugandan government initially did not issue any exit restrictions because Ebola is not transmitted through the air but through bodily fluids. In the meantime, however, the authorities in the affected districts have imposed restrictions. The school year is now scheduled to end on November 25th.

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