Earthquake in Italy with magnitude 5.7: Marche and Adriatic coast affected

In Marche, an Italian region in the center of the country, on Wednesday morning at 7:07 a.m earthquake happened. The earthquake was measured at a depth of ten kilometers. It reached a magnitude of 5.7, said the European Earthquake Center EMSC. The center had initially given the magnitude as 6.1.

The earthquake was not only felt in Marche, but in large parts of central Italy and on the Adriatic coast. Reports The first and strongest earthquake was followed by smaller tremors of magnitudes 4, 3.6 and 2.4.

Numerous calls to the fire department

Many people ran out onto the street for fear that their house would collapse. the fire department received numerous calls from residents because the walls of their house had cracked.

Train service was suspended in the Ancona area to inspect the tracks for damage. In Pesaro and Seniagallia all schools have been closed to check if the buildings are safe.

In Italy There are always earthquakes, some of which cause considerable damage.

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