"Dying for illusory ends" - culture

The famous Russian pop singer Alla Pugacheva wants to be declared a foreign agent - out of solidarity with her husband, the TV presenter Maxim Galkin. The Russian Ministry of Justice put Galkin's name on the "Inoagent" list on Friday, and Pugacheva has now asked on Instagram to include her as well. She expresses her solidarity with her husband, "a true and not for sale patriot of Russia," says the singer, because Galkin wishes Russia peace, prosperity and freedom of expression and is committed to ensuring that Russians no longer "die for illusory goals", "the make our country an outcast and make people's lives more difficult". Pugacheva, born in 1949, was one of the most famous Soviet entertainment singers, she performed with Udo Lindenberg and was honored by Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin. The sharp criticism of the Russian war against Ukraine was acknowledged in the Russian-language media by opponents of the war - and as a further sign that the end of Putin's rule is near. Pugacheva and Galkin have lived in Israel since the beginning of the war.

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