Duke of Norfolk: He can no longer drive a car

Duke of Norfolk
He can no longer drive a car

Edward Fitzalan-Howard (right) has to give up his driver's license.

Edward Fitzalan-Howard (right) has to give up his driver’s license.

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The Duke of Norfolk organizes the coronation of King Charles III. Now he has to give up his driver’s license for six months.

Edward Fitzalan-Howard (65) lost his driver’s license. The Duke of Norfolk confessed according to the BBC found guilty in court of driving while using a mobile phone in Battersea, south-west London in April. The 18th Duke of Norfolk was stopped by police after he was said to have run a red light.

During the check, the police noticed that he had used his mobile phone. The duke then stated to the officials that he had spoken to his wife on the phone. On Monday (September 26) the court ruled that the 65-year-old, who had previously scored a number of points for speeding, among other things, now has his driver’s license must give up.

Driving ban and fine

In addition to the driving ban, the Duke of Norfolk still pay a fine of £1,200. His lawyers had previously hoped the ban would not be enforced as Fitzalan-Howard was involved in organizing King Charles III’s coronation. (73) which could take place next spring. However, the court recognized the circumstances as not sufficient for lifting the ban. The Duke is responsible for organizing the major ceremonies of Court and Parliament in England. Most recently, he organized the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022).


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