DSDS: This is the new jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"

"Germany seeks the superstar"
Leony, Katja Krasavice, Pietro Lombardi: First picture of the new jury around Dieter Bohlen

Leony, Katja Krasavice, Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen (from left) form the "DSDS"-Anniversary Jury.

Leony, Katja Krasavice, Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen (from left) form the "DSDS" anniversary jury

© RTL/Stefan Gregorowius

Starting signal in Cologne: "DSDS" enters the last round. Dieter Bohlen and Co. take a close look at talent in the new and final season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar".

It starts. The 20th and final season of "Germany seeks the superstar"(RTL) starts in Cologne with the castings. The new jury around pop titan and returnee Dieter Bohlen, his musician buddy Pietro Lombardi, singer Leony and rapper Katja Krasavice has gathered in KölnSky for the first recordings. The new talents and Possible superstars of the future are examined by the team of four – and the broadcaster also shows a first picture of the “DSDS” jury.

Dieter Bohlen: "Like birthday and Christmas together"

cult judge planks says at the start of the anniversary season: "Sitting in my jury chair again feels like a birthday and Christmas together." The 68-year-old promises to celebrate the anniversary of "the hottest show on German TV". Jury member Leony is "excited" and "at the same time looking forward to the candidates", while Pietro Lombardi reminisces: "This is exactly where I had my casting for the show eleven years ago. This is where everything started for me and mine life completely changed." Now the 30-year-old singer is looking forward to the upcoming show.

DSDS: Laura Wontorra becomes the presenter of the live shows

In addition to the Cologne casting, it is for the RTL-Show in September to Munich and Hamburg before the greatest talents are flown to Mallorca for the first recall stop.

And there is another new addition to “Germany is looking for the superstar 2023” to report: Laura Wontorra becomes a backstage presenter at the "DSDS" castings - and elicits one or two secrets from the talents behind the scenes. The 33-year-old will also moderate the live shows afterwards, as the broadcaster announced. "What an honor to be part of the very last season and Dieter Bohlen's comeback," says Wontorra about her new moderation job at "DSDS".


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