DSDS: Katja Krasavice attacks co-juror Bohlen frontally

DSDS: Katja Krasavice attacks co-juror Bohlen frontally

Katja Krasavice attacks co-juror Bohlen frontally

Singer Katja Krasavice sharply criticized her co-juror Dieter Bohlen.  Photo: Henning Kaiser/Carsten Koall/dpa

Singer Katja Krasavice sharply criticized her co-juror Dieter Bohlen. photo

© Henning Kaiser/Carsten Koall/dpa

A decent beef between the jurors in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” can never do any harm in terms of publicity. Is there more behind the singer Katja Krasavice and her criticism of Macho Bohlen?

Tensions are growing in the jury of the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, but RTL is building on reconciliation. Katja Krasavice Co-juror Dieter Bohlen tackled it hard in a Tiktok video published on Sunday.

In dispute about Bohlens Dealing with women, she called him a narcissist and liar: “All the jurors on the show have been doing it for so many years. But believe me, Dieter: you have found the wrong person in me. I swear to you. Exactly that “Bad Bitch” Katja with her revealing outfits is the one who doesn’t put up with anything.”

The 26-year-old singer (“Sex Tape”) stated in her allegations against the 68-year-old (“Brother Louie”): “Dieter, do you actually know how many jurors who sat next to you wrote to me ? They said to me: “Thank you for not putting up with that.” And that they didn’t dare to say in public at the time what you were doing with their psyche.”

A sexist faux pas by Bohlen

A scene from the fourth episode of the current “DSDS“-Season. You could see Dieter Bohlen saying to a candidate: “Did you do anything normal? Or did you just get Abi and let yourself be noodled?” The scene could be seen temporarily on the streaming portal RTL +. In the version that was shown on classic RTL television, it was cut out.

Krasavice not only publicly criticized Bohlen for it. She also rapped in a song towards Bohlen: “Today my ass is more relevant than any of your German superstars.” The ex-Modern Talking singer then said in an interview with 104.6 RTL among other things: “There are people and certain things that don’t interest me. They are on a level outside of my field of perception.”

Bohlen told the German Press Agency: “We have two completely different attitudes. I say: “God put diligence before success. Do an apprenticeship, have a plan B.” She says: “Look here, I made it without an apprenticeship.” You have to accept that. But I hope that not many people take that as a role model.”

When asked by the German Press Agency whether RTL was planning to fill the DSDS jury before the finale, a broadcaster spokesman said on Monday in Cologne: “The “DSDS” live shows start in April. There is still enough time to settle personal disputes.”


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