DSDS: Dieter Bohlen and Jill Lange: The juror is criticized for sexist sayings

20th DSDS season
“Did you let yourself be noodled?”: Dieter Bohlen is criticized for sexist sayings

Dieter Bohlen as a juror at DSDS

Dieter Bohlen as a juror in the 20th DSDS season

© Stefan Gregorowius / RTL

Dieter Bohlen is back at DSDS – and with him his direct tone. In a recent episode, two candidates have to listen to sexist comments. Bohlen is therefore criticized.

With pithy sayings and often derogatory comments, Dieter Bohlen shaped the casting format “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” for years. Since the first season was broadcast in 2002, he has sat in the executive chair as a juror. In 2021, the broadcaster RTL surprisingly separated from Bohlen – a year later he is back at DSDS.

In an interview with the , he denied that he had been muzzled star. “I would never have come back if someone had told me what I can and can’t say.” And further: “I don’t want to offend anyone, but there are candidates who don’t understand any other language. They then need a clear announcement that they can’t sing, and in an entertaining way.” At the same time, he also admitted that a number of his “Bohlen sayings” were no longer up to date. “Not many go anymore,” said the 68-year-old.

Nevertheless, he is now causing a stir again with some comments that he made to two candidates in the current DSDS episode (Wednesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL, in advance on RTL +). Among other things, it is about the appearance of Leonarda Vokshi from Osnabrück. When she goes down the stairs in high heels, Bohlen says to her: “You should have put on sneakers.” The 21-year-old replies: “No, then I’m too small”. Bohlen counters: “It doesn’t matter, delicacies are always small.” When the candidate wants to start her performance, she turns her back on the jury and Bohlen comments: “Oh, with ass shaking”.

DSDS: Dieter Bohlen talks disparagingly about candidate Jill Lange

Reality TV actress Jill Lange, who has already appeared in formats such as “Are You The One – Realitystars in Love” and “Ex on the Beach” and now wants to try her luck as a singer on DSDS, gets one from Dieter Bohlen to hear a sexist comment. When the 22-year-old says that she wanted to experience an adventure after graduating from school and therefore took part in various dating formats, Bohlen says: “Did you do anything normal? Or did you just graduate and let yourself be noodled through?” Lange replies: “Everyone should do what they want.” Bohlen then adds: “I can’t say anything about that, I don’t look at such junk.”

DSDS candidate Jill Lange

DSDS candidate Jill Lange

© Stefan Gregorowius / RTL

On Instagram, Jill Lange was struck by Bohlen’s words. In a video post, she said: “I’m absolutely capable of criticism. Tell me that I can’t sing, tell me that I sound like a howling hyena – I can deal with that. But Dieter got personal and that was it too I didn’t show everything. I just have to say that here, because these are things that don’t work. Dieter insulted me.”

RTL told the “Bild” newspaper: “In the context of the discussion about Jill’s dating show experiences, we saw no reason to cut the dialogue from the show. Jill could have left the competition at any time if she felt unfairly treated – but she didn’t.”

Bohlen shared the comment of a user on his Instagram account, who wrote: “If you take part in such bang formats and therefore consider yourself famous? And then you go to DSDS and Dieter Bohlen has to (you, note d. Red.) just deal with honest questions and answers. I find it so remarkable that Dieter remains true to himself.”

It is actually planned that the 20th DSDS season should also be the last. In an interview with the star Dieter Bohlen said: “I think that ultimately the viewers will decide, my feeling tells me that it will not be the last season, I can’t imagine, but nothing is certain yet.”

Sources: “Bild” newspaper, RTL+

“Deutschland sucht den Superstar” is always on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:15 p.m. on RTL, all episodes can also be found on RTL+

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