Driving report Subaru Solterra

Driving report Subaru Solterra

Dhe common specialist editor knows quite a lot better and distrusts other sources. And so is still well remembered as the language on the Subaru Solterra came. Strictly speaking, she came on the Toyota BZ4X, the identical sister model. It was a time of year when dark nights were even longer than bright days, inside it was moderately warm, outside the wind and cold were whistling around the closed-off track, and the finalists for the Car of the Year awards were waiting outside for decisive test drives . While the jury listened to the explanations of the technicians who had traveled, the Scandinavian colleagues went through the rows and distributed a report that had it all. During coolly completed and soberly measured test drives in the far north, the Toyota attracted attention with incredible values.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

It didn’t even come close to reaching the standard range, the charging capacity was far from the manufacturer’s specification, and consumption rose to dizzying heights in wintry conditions. Conclusion of the testers: capitulation at the cable. We’ve been out and about in the Subaru Solterra for quite a while now and we’ve found that it’s true.

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