Driving report Honda HRV

Driving report Honda HRV

Honda HRV-E HEV Advance
Image: Helge Jepsen

Anyone who compresses three drives into one must have a certain amount of specialist knowledge. And the desire to combine everyday life with frugality. Alright. But momentum falls by the wayside.

Dhe pleasure in the Gallic village always deserves sympathy. Located in Japan, this one is known for rock-solid lawnmowers, a futuristic private jet, and cars with origami seats. Needed for his new drive Honda half a dozen diagrams, and the layman still doesn’t understand him. He sits down, for example in the new Crossover HRV, simply drives off and enjoys the smooth ride.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

Up to the first motorway exit, where sensitive natures worry about the health of the machine and wonder if a chain has jumped off the sprocket. Of course she isn’t. Honda has sworn off the diesel engine and isn’t quite up to speed on all-electric just yet, so some power goes into a three-speed drivetrain they call the E HEV. In most cases, the electric motor is responsible for propulsion. Since its battery has a manageable capacity, the memory has to be refilled regularly. The internal combustion engine in the guise of a generator is responsible for this, Honda describes the stationary operation of the petrol engine as particularly efficient.

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