Driver’s license gone, car confiscated: tunnel racers convicted in Düsseldorf

WAgainst two illegal car races on a section of the 46 freeway in the middle of Dusseldorf a 24-year-old man has been sentenced to a fine of 3750 euros and a ban of three months until he can apply for a new driver’s license. In addition, his highly motorized car was confiscated as an instrument of crime.

According to the conviction of the district court, the man had delivered in January and March 2021 with two other drivers on the A 46 at speeds of 156 and 176 races. One of several witnesses who had observed the three men from Solingen, Wesseling and Krefeld was able to report how the drivers of an Audi R8, a Mercedes AMG and a BMW M3 suddenly lined up in front of him that night in the three lanes for a drag race formed. Drivers overtook themselves and other road users in highly dangerous and reckless maneuvers. The three raced at extremely high speeds through the tunnel under the Düsseldorf university campus, where the speed limit is 80 km/h.

Because they were filmed by surveillance cameras, the traffic investigators immediately had a first lead. The officers then found out that the young men in the “PS-Niederrhein” chat group were boasting about their frenzy and Speedershared videos. A film showed a race on the A3 near Leverkusen at a speed of 305 kilometers per hour. According to the court, the man could not be sentenced for this because it could not be clarified whether he was actually behind the wheel at the time. The verdict is not yet legally binding. The Audi driver has already accepted a penalty order, the BMW driver has been fined 2700 euros.

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