Dream couple from “Dr. Quinn”: Jane Seymour reunited with Joe Lando

Dream couple from “Dr. Quinn”
Jane Seymour reunited with Joe Lando

Already in "dr  Quinn - a passionate doctor" Joe Lando and Jane Seymour played a couple.

Joe Lando and Jane Seymour already played a couple in “Dr. Quinn – Doctor of Passion”.

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The sparks fly again between the “Dr. Quinn” dream couple Jane Seymour and Joe Lando in the romantic Christmas film “A Christmas Spark”.

They embodied an absolute dream couple in the long-lived western doctor series “Dr. Quinn – a passionate doctor”. Now Jane Seymour (played Dr. Michaela Quinn, 71) and Joe Lando (played her future husband Byron Sully, 60) are reunited in front of the camera. They appear together in the romantic Christmas film “A Christmas Spark” – and get closer again as the story progresses. Sparks fly between the two stars in the preview clip for the Lifetime film, which will be released on November 27th.

That’s what “A Christmas Spark” is about

Seymour plays Molly, a widow who no longer believes in love, in “A Christmas Spark.” At Christmas, she visits her daughter, and while staging a Christmas play, she meets Hank (Lando), the most eligible bachelor in town. In his company, Molly’s previously lost joie de vivre returns. The two fall in love.

Since the end of the series “Dr. Quinn” in 1998, Seymour and Lando have occasionally appeared together again in front of the camera, for example in the TV movie “Perfectly Prudence”, which was released in 2011. Also in “A Christmas Spark” the 71-year-old and the 60-year-old show that the chemistry between them is still right.

But it will probably take a while before the fans of the two can see it. At present there is no possibility of the romantic christmas movie to stream or watch in Germany.


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