“Don’t become a party to the war”: Lambrecht contradicts Lauterbach

VMinister of Defence Christina Lambrecht (SPD) has contradicted her cabinet and party colleague Karl Lauterbach on Germany’s role in the Ukraine war. “It is very clear – both for the German federal government and for the entire NATO: We will not be a party to the war,” said Lambrecht on Sunday in the ARD program “Report from Berlin”. Federal Health Minister Lauterbach had previously written on Twitter: “We are at war with Putin”.

With his tweet on Saturday, the SPD politician referred to statements by the writer Richard David Precht. He had demanded that individual NATO states should guarantee Russia that the Ukraine not be accepted into the alliance. “Honestly, what’s the point of kneeling before Putin?” he wrote Lauterbach to. “We are at war with Putin and not his psychotherapists. The victory in the form of the liberation of Ukraine must be consistently pursued.” Whether the “psyche” of Russian President Waldimir Putin can cope with that “doesn’t matter”.

Lambrecht, on the other hand, emphasized in the ARD, the principle of not becoming a party to the war, “has guided us from the start. And that hasn’t changed either.” The minister returned from a visit to Ukraine on Sunday. Among other things, she met her Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Resnikov in the port city of Odessa. There was an air alert during her visit: “We experienced this twice in a few hours and had to move it to a bunker,” said Lambrecht. “And for the people that is a reality there. That’s everyday life.”

The population in Ukraine is “tormented,” said Lambrecht. “And imagine what that means for children, for older people, to be constantly exposed to this fear, this threat, that this situation can arise at any time.” That is why it is so important to Ukraine “right now at to support the air defense that these attacks can be fought”. In the Russian war of aggression, air defense “has meanwhile become a very central focus,” said the minister. “And Germany will stand by Ukraine’s side.”

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