Donald Trump in panic mode: “Will be arrested on Tuesday”

Donald Trump in panic mode: “Will be arrested on Tuesday”

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“Will be arrested on Tuesday”: Donald Trump is in panic mode – and is stirring up his fans

Ex-US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is unlikely to like the developments

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The affair surrounding his hush money payments is visibly affecting former US President Donald Trump. At the Truth Social network, he is now escalating – and announcing his arrest.

After donald trump was able to solve many of his legal problems by sitting out for a long time, the tide seems to be turning increasingly in recent months. Even the ex-president himself seems to perceive it that way. At the Truth Social network, he warned of his impending arrest – and called for protests.

Even by Trump’s standards, the post seems extremely upset. Divided into two posts, so-called “Truths”, Trump lets himself be told in capital letters about the supposedly catastrophic state of the USA. Then to get to the point. “By far the leading Republican presidential candidate and former president will be arrested on Tuesday next week,” he warns in a panic. And calls on his followers to “take back our nation”.

Trump incites his fans

The post has a clear reference to current developments. Last week it became known that the New York prosecutor’s office had also targeted Trump himself as part of the hush money affair surrounding Stormy Daniels. He had tried to hide an affair with the porn actress by paying $130,000. chief prosecutor Alvin Bragg had already indicated that he also wanted to question Trump himself.

The post does not directly address the allegations, but the reference is very clear. “The corrupt and highly politically motivated attorney general of Manhattan” is targeting him, it says. Trump accuses Bragg of being responsible for a spate of violent crimes, also referring to conspiracy theories about billionaire George Soros. The rest of his post is also aimed entirely at mobilizing his right-wing base, painting a picture of a nation overrun by migrants and left-wing radicals that needs to be defended.

It’s getting tight

The calls for protests bring back grim memories of the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. As the investigation into the possible coup attempt continues, those close to Trump have warned the ex-president not to use such rhetoric again grip, reports “CNN”. According to the report, Trump spoke privately about the actions of the Public prosecutor complains. Bragg “hates him,” believes the ex-president.

However, allegations against Trump and his family have only increased over the past week. Only on Friday did it become known that Trump and his family did not properly report more than 100 gifts received during his term of office and simply kept them, contrary to the legal situation. It’s about a quarter of a million euros.

Sources: Truth Social, CNN

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