Donald Trump: bad poll numbers for ex-US presidents

NBC survey
Poll debacle for Donald Trump: Approval levels at their lowest level since April 2021

Ex-US President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump at an event in Youngstown, Ohio

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Donald Trump's popularity is falling, Joe Biden's is rising - albeit only slightly. The television station NBC captured the mood in the USA two months before the midterms.

Nor has itself donald trump Despite a number of hints, he has not officially stated whether he wants to run in the US presidential election in just over two years – neither does incumbent Joe Biden, by the way. And yet US citizens seem to be increasingly at odds with their ex-president.

In a recent survey commissioned by the television channel NBC, only 34 percent of respondents have a positive opinion of the 76-year-old republican - less than since April 2021. A full 54 percent of the 1,000 voters surveyed see it negatively – also a record since April 2021.

Majority in favor of continuing the investigation into Donald Trump

On the other hand, President Joe Biden, 79, increase support for himself in the survey: 45 percent agree with his policy (previous month: 42 percent), 52 percent reject it (55 percent). Nevertheless, the values ​​for him have tended to get worse since April 2021.

The pollsters also asked whether the various investigations by the FBI and other agencies into Donald Trump should be dropped. 56 percent support a continuation, 41 percent call for an end.

When asked about the wishes for the midterms in November, the survey shows a stalemate: 46 percent each want Congress to be dominated by the Republicans or the Democrats in the future. Among Republican supporters, border security is ranked as the most pressing issue in the country United States seen, among those of the Democratic Party, abortion rights.

According to NBC, the error tolerance of the representative survey is 3.1 percentage points, the survey period was from September 9 to 13, 2022.

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