Dome show: RTL “Bachelor” has never used a dating app

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RTL “Bachelor” has never used a dating app

The new RTL"Bachelor" David Jackson.  The 13th season begins on March 1st on RTL.  Photo: RTL/dpa

The new RTL “Bachelor” David Jackson. The 13th season begins on March 1st on RTL. photo

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Three women shaped him for life, and now the single David Jackson is looking for a partner again as “Bachelor”. To be seen on RTL from March 1st.

The new RTL-“Bachelor” David Jackson says he has never used a dating app. “I’ve gotten to the point where I say, ‘Hey, there’s room by my side!'” said the 32-year-old in an RTL interview. “I finally want to get to know the right person with whom I can also tackle the topic of family planning.” He has four relationships behind him and after three years as a single he is ready for love. The 13th “Bachelor” season begins on March 1st (8:15 p.m.) on RTL.

David is 1.86 meters tall, half American, born in Stuttgart. Three women have a permanent place in his life, reports RTL: his mother, his older sister and his twin sister. He grew up with them and they shaped him: “Everything that makes me today I owe to these three women,” said the trained insurance salesman, who works as a model and content creator. “Maybe that’s why I’m a bit more sensitive and empathetic than other men.”

A woman with whom he is the great love should be empathetic and self-reflective just like himself, says David. “She should know what she wants in life.” Anyone who has nothing to do with fitness could have a hard time with the muscle man: “For me, sport also has something to do with self-love. You show your own body a bit of gratitude.”

In addition to the hope of great love, David firmly assumes that he will Bachelor also discovered new sides of himself: “I’m sure I’ll feel emotions that I haven’t experienced before and that will take me to points where I haven’t been in my life before. I think I’ll find myself on many levels get to know me in a new way and am open to new insights.”


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