Dog professional Martin Rütter warns against throwing sticks: "Let it be!"

"Let it be!": Dog professional Martin Rütter urgently warns against throwing a stick

Expert Martin Rütter warns against throwing sticks at the dog game

Martin Rütter is a dog trainer who has been able to help one or the other animal lover with his tips (archive photo)

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Martin Rütter became known through TV formats such as "The Dog Professional", "The Puppies Are Coming" and "Rütter's Team". Probably surprising for some dog owners: Rütter warns against using the widespread stick-toss game.

Martin Rütter is a dog trainer and has been able to help one or the other animal lover with his tips. As a dog professional, Martin Rütter has been flickering across television screens for years. In total, he trained over 280 people to become dog trainers.

In the current episode of "Der Hundeprofi - Rütters Team" there is a scene about the dog Horst, whose mistress is playing fetch with him in a park. She throws a stick and the dog runs after it and brings it back to her. When Martin Rütter now perceives this scene, he warns against repeating or imitating it.

"No stick games" demands Martin Rütter

"Please don't play with sticks! It's dangerous. I experience it again and again that dogs chew off a small piece of it, have small splinters stuck in their throats, abscesses form or the dog carries the stick in front like a cigar and rams the stick in. No stick games!”, explains Rütter in the program on RTL+.

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Other experts also agree with Rütter's opinion. Dog trainer Stephanie Salostowitz also doesn't think much of throwing sticks, as she explained in an interview with "Tag24": "Sticks can be extremely dangerous for the dog. I can't recommend anyone to get the dog excited about throwing sticks".

For example, while waiting in the veterinary clinic, the dog trainer had come across many bad cases in which dogs had even impaled themselves. Because if you throw the stick in a high degree, it can stand up like a pole.

"The dog arrives at 40 km/h, wants the stick and rams it into the cerebellum or at least into the palate," Salostowitz explained to "Tag24". Terrible injuries can result from which the dog could die.

However, there are numerous other meaningful activities to do while walking that are at least as much fun: playing hide and seek, jumping over obstacles or simply throwing a ball.

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