Does a warmed-up relationship still have a chance after a breakup?

Married in July after 18 years apart: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
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Couples who break up and get back together get a bad rap. Their chances of success are often not bad at all. A couples therapist says: The reason for the separation at the time is crucial.

Birgit and Tommy's first date in 28 years was at an ice cream shop. Tommy's son had Birgit on Facebook discovered. Tommy was so excited that he instructed his son to write Birgit directly. "I should say hello to you. Guess who," Tommy's son typed into Facebook Messenger. Of course, Birgit knew immediately from whom the greetings came. She had just happened to be on the phone with Tommy's best friend's wife. "I had that tingling in my stomach right away," says Birgit.

Tommy doesn't like to talk about his feelings. That's why he listens to the video call with the FAZ from the next room. "If I say something wrong, he reports," says Birgit and laughs. Behind her on the living room wall are two photos: on one, she and Tommy, snuggled together, on the other, they're both of their favorite beach in Thailand. If they can, they fly there once a year.

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