Dissatisfaction grows: Kramer has to solve cabin problems

Dissatisfaction grows: Kramer has to solve cabin problems

Frank Kramer

Frank Kramer

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At Schalke 04 there are first disturbances in the cabin. Frank Kramer is asked to moderate this well. Above all, it is about operating times.

The mixed results on the one hand and some dissatisfied players on the other: Frank Kramer must make sure at Schalke 04 that the dissatisfaction and sometimes petty-looking cabin discussions do not increase unnecessarily.

Completely logical: If only one of seven games is won, the mood is not exactly at its peak. It doesn't matter whether you're a promoted player, for whom staying up in the league will be very difficult, or not. If more is lost than gained, reigns supreme discontent and resentment.

It's different too Schalke Not. As small as the goals are kept and as small as the means with which the club started this Premier League season - the atmosphere within the team is an important asset.

However, Frank Kramer seems to have to moderate one or the other cabin topic at the moment. In addition to his work on the pitch, he is already in demand as a cool head.

Strong opinion players without playing time: Kramer has to moderate dissatisfaction

Noisy sports picture an aspect that threatens unrest: Several (supposed) top performers and leading players have hardly played recently. Alex Kral was left out of the starting XI, as was Rodrigo Zalazar. Under the coach, Thomas Ouwejan was not able to work like last year. Sebastian Polter should not be satisfied with his assignments, which consist exclusively of substitutions.

and Danny Latza has hardly played any role so far. While he was confirmed as captain in preparation and praised for his good performance, he now has several midfield colleagues in front of him: Kral, Florian Flick and Tom Krauß.

According to the report, he was by far the first player to disappear on the bus after the derby defeat. He had to wait there for about half an hour until the rest of the team and the support staff arrived. The fact that he was not allowed to play again in the Revierderby as the original Schalke player should have affected him a lot. And yet it's a difficult sign from the Captain.

In any case, the management had to approach Latza - because of his shoes. He wore black and yellow football boots both in preparation and on the first five match days. A small detail, but it made sure that he was advised to be a little more sensitive with the next selection. Finally, his kicks shone in white.

Between Krals Lamborghini and the sporting situation: It needs a positive mood

Speaking of colour: the Lamborghini from Kral also took care of it sports picture according to a conversation. The car, which is said to be available from around 220,000 euros, was also a topic in the cabin.

The tenor, which is said to have been brought closer to him: Neither the black and yellow paintwork, nor the sign in the current time, in which many - especially in Gelsenkirchen - have to buckle their belts very tightly, are certainly not optimal. It was the wrong signal, they said. Both in relation to "the new Schalke" and due to the current situation in the population.

Sometimes it is rather small topics that need to be moderated. Of course, the focus is on the dissatisfaction of some players, which Kramer has to keep as small as possible. And yet there is an overall situation that certainly has the potential for further trouble. Especially if the sporting success is still missing.

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