Dispute over gas fields in the Mediterranean: Israel and Lebanon agree

Dispute over gas fields in the Mediterranean: Israel and Lebanon agree

IAccording to Israeli sources, Israel and Lebanon have reached a “historic agreement” on the demarcation of the Mediterranean Sea, thereby settling their dispute over offshore gas fields. “This historic agreement will strengthen Israel’s security and inject billions into the Israeli economy,” the Israeli Prime Minister said Jair Lapid on Tuesday in Jerusalem. The Israeli security cabinet will hold a meeting on the agreement on Wednesday, Lapid said.

The United States mediated the agreement between the two neighboring countries, which are officially still at war. In view of the gas fields located in the Mediterranean region, the agreement is also relevant for Europe’s energy supply, because Israel had promised to export more gas to Europe in view of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and its consequences.

Israel and Lebanon signaled their approval of US envoy Amos Hochstein’s draft gas field agreement earlier in October, giving the two countries access to offshore gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea. On Thursday, however, Israel announced that it rejected changes to the draft requested by Lebanon. Negotiations have continued over the past few days.

Lebanon also satisfied with agreement

Shortly before Lapid’s statement, the chief Israeli negotiator, Eyal Hulata, announced the breakthrough. “All of our demands have been met,” he said, “we have protected Israel’s security interests and are on our way to a historic agreement.”

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