Discussion about gas price cap in EU premature

Discussion about gas price cap in EU premature

Bunchancellor Olaf Scholz considers the discussion about capping gas prices at European level to be premature. “It doesn’t make sense to speculate now, we’re not there yet,” said Scholz after a meeting with EU Council President Charles Michel on Friday in Berlin. “We shouldn’t take the last step before the first.” You first have to look at the situation in the other EU countries. Germany took precautions over the summer, the gas storage facilities were well stocked. This was not possible to the same extent in other EU countries.

“The most important thing is that we do everything we can to bring prices down,” said the Chancellor. “The prices are currently much higher than they are justified.” Accordingly, it must be ensured that the market relaxes. Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat, Michel said that if gas prices were capped, no more natural gas would be pumped into the EU to deliver: “We must remain calm, we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated.” EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has repeatedly called for a cap on gas prices.

At the same time, Scholz and Michael at the meeting European solidarity in the energy crisis. The Russian President has almost stopped gas supplies to the West, Scholz said at a meeting with Michel on Friday in Berlin. “He obviously wants to weaken or destabilize European democracies, but he will not succeed. He miscalculated. Because we Europeans stand together and show solidarity.”

More than ever you can see that Europe needs unity, said Michel. Ukraine will continue to be supported in all areas. The sanctions are intended to make it clear that the EU is united against the unjustified attack on Ukraine

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