Director Sergei Loznitsa in an interview: “These are Soviet methods” – Kultur

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David SteinitzCannes

Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa, 57, has made headlines several times in recent weeks. When Russia’s war of aggression against his homeland began, he publicly resigned from the European Film Academy because he did not find the right words to condemn the attack. Shortly thereafter he was joined by his peers kicked out of the Ukrainian Film Academy. The reason: Loznitsa repeatedly called for Russian artists not to be punished across the board for their government and not to boycott all Russian films in general. Some colleagues didn’t like that at all. At the Cannes Festival, he presented his documentary film “The Natural History of Destruction”, which could hardly be more appropriate. It is about the bombing of civilians in World War II – and what the world could have learned from it, but has not learned.

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