DGB boss reiterates demand for rising wages

DGB chairwoman Yasmin Fahimi

Crisis management must also be done through other relief, says Fahimi.

(Photo: IMAGO/Political Moments)

Berlin DGB boss Yasmin Fahimi defends trade union demands for significant wage increases as appropriate, even in the current situation. “The demands do not arise in a vacuum, but on the basis of the economic assessment in the sectors,” said Fahimi of the “Welt am Sonntag” according to the preliminary report.

Many companies paid out record dividends this year or made extremely high additional profits. “Simply to say that it will become difficult if the employees do not do without, that does not correspond to our understanding of a fair share of economic success.”

According to the preliminary report, the DGB boss explained that solutions are needed for companies that get into difficulties. There are opening clauses for this. “But anyone who believes that social crisis management can be passed on to wage policy alone is wrong.”

In the current situation, industrial action is a tried and tested means of enforcing wage demands if offers from employers are unacceptable. “Strike is a fundamental right and an absolutely legitimate means of enforcing demands.”

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Fahimi advocated the regulations for short-time work to be extended significantly. She does not see the danger that the Federal Employment Agency could get into financial difficulties as a result. “Of course it shouldn’t come to that. If necessary, reserves must be formed from tax funds.”

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