DFB team with test match against France

MSeveral familiar faces, who did a good job of advertising themselves in the summer, will join the first and only one international matchwhich will take place in their home country after the European Championships, could not be presented to the German fans who were expected in droves.

National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is before the re-run of the European Championship semi-finals against France forced to improvise. From the group of her original nominees, she was the last to remove Giulia Gwinn for the test game this Friday in Dresden (8:30 p.m. on ARD); the Munich winger suffered a knee injury in training.

Her club colleague Lina Magull had previously had to withdraw due to a corona infection, Sara Däbritz from Olympique Lyon due to a foot injury and Laura Freigang from Frankfurt due to shoulder problems. Goalkeeper Almuth Schult, who joined Angel FC in California in Augustwas left out by Voss-Tecklenburg, with reference to the travel strains that she was spared in this way.

“Keep inspiring people”

Regardless of the prominent failures, Alexandra Popp left no doubt about her ambitions when she met the “Equipe Tricolore” again, who had been beaten 2-1 on July 27th. For the Wolfsburg woman, who scored both goals in Milton Keynes at the time and thus fueled the dream of the title, which only came in the Extension of the final against England burstthe prestigious duel is a good opportunity “to be able to continue this hype that has taken people with it”.

24,500 tickets were sold in advance for the Rudolf Harbig Stadium. “It’s up to us to keep inspiring people,” added Wolfsburg central defender Katrin Hendrich. In the Bundesliga, the season opener was between Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Bayern 23,200 spectators set a record; since then, a total of 47,238 fans have attended the twelve games on the first two match days – more than in the entire first half of the previous season.

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