DFB President Bernd Neuendorf refuses FIFA approval

Dhe question is undoubtedly a very specific one at the Qatar World Cup – and yet it seemed to have fallen out of time and the larger context when Bernd Neuendorf was supposed to comment on it on Friday afternoon. There had been reports of this before, but while Neuendorf was holding the opening press conference of the German Football Association (DFB) at the Al-Shamal training ground near the team’s headquarters in the north of the emirate, it then became official: There is no beer in Qatar, at least not in certain time windows around the stadiums as originally planned, but only in the fan zones.

This was announced by the International Football Association (FIFA), which apparently had to bow to pressure from the organizer. Neuendorf, who otherwise spent a good half hour rhetorically sure-footedly navigating the course of explosive topics relating to the World Cup starting on Sunday, avoided giving a substantive answer in this matter. He had to “take a close look at the process,” said the DFB President, and he did not want to make a “hasty comment based on a ticker message”.

Who is putting pressure on whom is going to be quite interesting at this World Cup – that was repeatedly made clear in Neuendorf’s remarks, and it will be about much more than just the beer question. Certainly he could sing a whole different song about it if he would reveal everything that happens in the background – and on what levels. The upset, for example, in the political Qatar He experienced it personally when he recently visited the emirate with Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser.

“A Real Sign”

On Friday, the DFB President presented a project with which the association not only wants to set an example, but also wants to do something tangible on the subject of labor migration. Over five years, a total of one million euros from the funds of the DFB National Team Foundation is to flow into an SOS Children’s Village in Nepal – money from the players, which they also give to the foundation. The goal: to create education and thus reduce the pressure of migration. “We want to support where the people come from,” said Neuendorf.

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