DFB presents joint jersey for men’s and women’s World Cup

Dhe German Football Association has unveiled a home jersey for all national teams, with which the men will play at the World Cup in Qatar this winter and the women will wear them at the 2023 World Cup in Australia. “That’s a cool and strong sign,” said the EM second Lina Magull from FC Bayern Munich according to one DFB announcement on Monday. “This jersey symbolizes that we all stand for one football, live the same values ​​together and have one goal.”

The white jersey, which was designed by the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas and has a wide black stripe in the middle, will make its debut in the women’s World Cup qualifier on Saturday (2:45 p.m. on ZDF) in Turkey. The striking stripe was inspired by the very first Germany jersey from 1908, he said DFB With.

While the DFB women will keep the current mint green away jersey, the men will have a new jersey with a red and black pattern on the front for the World Cup in Qatar. “I really like the new home shirt. The color combination harmonises, it will be an honor to play for Germany at the World Cup in this jersey,” said the national player Serge Gnabry.

At the presentation of the new home jerseys there was Confusion about the lettering “The Team” on the textile label on the collar. “The lettering “The Team” can only be seen on the authentic jersey,” said the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas, who designed the jerseys, on Monday. At the end of July, the DFB announced that it would no longer use this designation for the German men’s selection due to fan criticism.

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