Deutsche Bank - New attempt on the Internet - Economy

the Deutsche Bank tries again at an online bank. Germany's largest financial institution wants to "bring an independent, digital, app-based offer for customers with investment needs onto the market in 2024," said Vice-Chairman Karl von Rohr Handelsblatt. "This is aimed at people who want to have their assets managed professionally, want to trade securities online and do their banking purely digitally." There should also be the opportunity to get advice by phone or chat, as with other online banks. If necessary, customers could also come to a branch. "The focus is on new customers, but of course the offer is also available to existing Deutsche Bank customers," said von Rohr, whose contract is due to be extended next year. "We don't want to set up a new bank for this, but rather dock the offer to existing structures," he said. Before that, however, Deutsche Bank must have fully integrated Postbank, which should be completed in 2023. Deutsche Bank had tried several times in recent years to set up a digital bank, but had given up on the project within a short time each time. In 2018, for example, the subsidiary Norisbank was supposed to become a "modern digital bank", but this fizzled out, as did the plans of former CEO John Cryan, who stopped a similar project after a few months in 2016.

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