Deutsche Bahn’s renovation plan will demand a lot from passengers

Dhe Riedbahn between Frankfurt and Mannheim is one of the busiest railway lines in Germany. More than 300 trains cross the tracks there every day. This route will therefore also be the first to be completely renovated – and at record speed, as Deutsche Bahn claims: For five months, the state-owned company will replace all technical systems and modernize 20 stations. That gave infrastructure board Berthold Huber announced on Thursday at the fourth rail summit in Berlin.

Construction work will begin on July 15, 2024, one day after the final of the European Football Championship. Huber promised that the general renovation would be “radical”. “For the first time we are developing the network and stations from a single source, making the stations more attractive for our travelers – and completely barrier-free.” The costs amount to around half a billion euros.

During the route closure, the railway plans to divert the trains via Worms and Mainz or via Darmstadt. However, the capacity of the detour routes is limited. Buses are therefore to be used for local passenger transport, which can replace up to 200 trains a day. Unfortunately, restrictions for travelers could not be avoided during the general renovation, according to a statement. Deutsche Bahn apologizes and understands this today.

“We are aware that we are asking a lot of customers during the general renovation of the Riedbahn,” said Bahn Board Member Huber. The full closure will not lead to further chaos, emphasized the Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing (FDP). He compared the measure to an “operation on the main artery”, for which bypasses were already being laid on branch lines.

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