Deutsche Bahn tests hydrogen train

Die Deutsche Bahn would like to get away from diesel and is therefore planning to switch to a completely new technology. On Friday, Deutsche Bahn boss Richard Lutz completed the first trip with a new hydrogen train Mireo Plus H and then tested the new filling process with a mobile hydrogen filling station.

The new train that the railway together with Siemens developed, has a range of around 1000 kilometers and, according to the company, can reach a top speed of up to 160 km/h. From January, the Mireo Plus H will start test drives in Baden-Württemberg, and a year later it will be traveling regularly between Tübingen, Horb and Pforzheim.

“By 2040 we as Deutsche Bahn will be climate neutral. An important lever here is saying goodbye to diesel,” said Lutz. A single train saves up to 45,000 tons of CO over its service life of 30 years2 compared to car trips, added Siemens boss Roland Busch at the premiere drive on Friday. Hydrogen technology is to replace diesel multiple units in regional transport in the future and thus make a significant contribution to the diesel phase-out.

General renovation from 2024 onwards

Deutsche Bahn praises hydrogen trains as a particularly climate-friendly drive technology, because they say the trains run on "green hydrogen" without emissions - only water vapor is emitted. The federal government also has high hopes for this technology. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport with a total of 13.74 million euros.

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