Denmark must not promote human rights

Die FIFA has banned the Danish World Cup team from wearing jerseys with a human rights slogan in training. The world football association has rejected a corresponding application, association spokesman Jakob Höyer confirmed to the AFP news agency. The shirts should read “Human rights for all”.

Denmark is one of the countries that is particularly critical of the World Cup award Qatar and have expressed the human rights situation there. The Danish Football Association DBU announced in November 2021 that sponsors were clearing the space on the training jerseys for critical messages in Qatar.

Special jerseys

It was later decided that the message “Human rights for all” should be there – but this has to be approved by FIFA. The wearing of political messages is prohibited in the legal handbook of the world association.

Denmark had already caused a stir with his symbolic tournament jerseys. At the World Cup (November 20th to December 18th), the Danes want to appear in all-black shirts, among other things, and thus take a stand against the exploitation of workers and human rights violations.

The supplier’s trademark and the association’s emblem on the shirts are only recognizable at second glance. “We do not want to be visible at a tournament that has cost the lives of thousands of people,” it said.

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