Demonstration: excavators and tracks: coal opponents continue protests

Excavators and tracks: Opponents of coal continue protests

Activists from the Last Generation group block a street in Cologne.  Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

Activists from the Last Generation group block a street in Cologne. photo

©Oliver Berg/dpa

The last activists left Lützerath on Monday. Meanwhile, the protests continue elsewhere. In Inden and Neurath, activists occupy excavators and tracks. In Cologne they block the traffic.

After the eviction of Lützerath, opponents of coal continued their protests in several places in North Rhine-Westphalia in the morning. In the lignite mine In the a bucket-wheel excavator was occupied, which then had to stop working. The Aachen police spoke of around 20 activists involved, a spokesman for the energy company RWE of 30 to 40.

According to police and RWE information, a group of around 50 activists also occupied the railway tracks to the power plant near Rommerskirchen Neurath. After they refused to leave the tracks, the protesters were carried away, a spokesman for the Aachen police reported. The “action ticker Lützerath” reported about 130 blockers on the coal railway at the Neurath power plant. Violent clashes were initially not known at any protest site.

In Cologne stuck climate activists with a blockade action brought the commuter traffic to a massive standstill. They sat across a street and held up a banner that indicated the Last Generation group. Yellow crosses could also be seen – the protest symbols against the demolition of Lützerath.

the police according to its own statements, blocked access roads and guided traffic past. Three people were stuck on the street, three had already been carried away, a police spokeswoman said in the morning. A dpa photographer reported a traffic jam and angry comments from drivers towards the activists.

The Last Generation group tweeted a photo from Cologne and explained: “The coal under #Lützerath has to stay in the ground!”

In Dusseldorf climate activists from the Extinction Rebellion group stuck to the NRW Ministry of the Interior. About a dozen people, including a mother with a child, were involved in the action in Düsseldorf, according to police and Interior Ministry spokesmen. They protested against the eviction of the Lützerath settlement for lignite mining and demanded the resignation of NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) because of the police operation there. The activists complained about police violence and criminalization.

On Saturday, demonstrators had left the agreed demonstration route near the opencast mine and moved in the direction of the area where the entry ban applies. Police had used batons, pepper spray and water cannons to hold people back. Stones, clods of earth and pyrotechnics were thrown at the officials from among the demonstrators.

The police forces prepared themselves for several spontaneous, decentralized actions. The action alliance “Lützerath Unräumbar”, which also includes groups from Fridays For Future and Last Generation, had previously called for a joint day of action today.


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