Democrat Hobbs wins in Arizona against Trump confidant Lake

Katie Hobbs

The Democratic nominee will be governor of Arizona.

(Photo: dpa)

Washington According to forecasts, Democrat Katie Hobbs has won the contested gubernatorial election in the US state of Arizona. According to forecasts by the TV channels NBC and CNN, the 52-year-old prevailed against Republican right-wing candidate Kari Lake on Tuesday.

Hobbs was in the state government for the former President donald trump and his supporters for the contested vote count in the 2020 presidential election. Lake has been endorsed by Trump and is among those repeating his unsubstantiated claims, US President Joe Biden only won the presidential election through massive fraud.

Former Republican governor Doug Ducey was unable to run due to a term limit. Arizona applies in the United States as an embattled state, which has changed from a once republican stronghold more and more in favor of the democrats.

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In the election on Tuesday last week, governors were voted on in 36 states. It is the most important office in a federal state, comparable to a prime minister of a federal state in Germany.

Meanwhile they stand republican after the midterm elections shortly before the regaining of the majority in the US House of Representatives. As of Monday night, the party had secured 217 seats, just one mandate away from taking control of the parliamentary chamber, according to a count by the AP news agency. The Democrats had 205 seats at that time.

Democrats may expand Senate majority

How the majority in the House of Representatives will look like in the future will probably only be clear in a few days or weeks. Because the outcome of a number of contested races in California, for example, is still open, as the counting of votes there continued.

President Joe Biden’s Democrats were able to defend their majority in the Senate in the midterm elections. Your camp in the chamber currently has 50 seats, that of republican 49. Should the runoff in the last open Senate race in Georgia end in favor of the Democrats, they could even increase their majority in the Senate. So far, the vote of the Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris had been decisive in a stalemate.

About a third of the 100 Senate seats were up for vote at the midterms and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives. There were also votes on numerous other offices.

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