Demo against crisis policy in Berlin: slogan redistribute

At what was the largest left-wing autumn protest nationwide on Saturday in Berlin, thousands demanded above all greater taxation of wealth.

Many people gather on Berlin's Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse behind the redistribute banner.  In the background the Nikolaikirche

There are more than ever, but not the masses either: Berlin redistribution demo on Saturday: Photo: Eric Peter

BERLIN taz | Thousands took to the streets in Berlin on Saturday for a top-down redistribution of wealth and more social policies. In doing so, they responded to the call of the newly founded alliance to redistribute, which more than 50 groups from the left-wing movement in the city have joined. The demonstration, which gathered in front of the Red City Hall at noon, is the largest left-wing social protest nationwide this fall.

Rent and energy price caps, climate protection, criticism of rearmament and militarization – the demands at the opening rally reflected the breadth of the alliance.

Above all, however, the demand for greater taxation of wealth was audible and visible on many signs and banners. “There is no lack of money for social and climate justice,” said one speaker on behalf of many. Another speaker: “They are rich because we are poor.”

Left-wing and radical left-wing groups have thus found a unifying theme across all subject areas. They are not alone in this: Even the International Monetary Fund or the economic experts had recently spoken out in favor of this, but Finance Minister Christian Linder (FDP) would rather reduce the tax burden on the super-rich than increase it.

When the demo started moving on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße in the direction of the Ministry of Finance and SPD party headquarters, according to taz estimates, there were around 7,000 participants, and many more than the left in society has been able to mobilize in the proclaimed “Hot Autumn”.. The organizers also come to this number according to initial estimates. And yet: The mass of non-politically active people who are suffering from the increased cost of living and energy have not yet followed the links on the left.

Mosaic of the movement links of the city

The demonstration was like a mosaic of the city’s left-wing movement, which it has been able to put its stamp on in recent years. In the block of the tenant movement, the colors yellow and purple of the still active initiative Deutsche Wohnen & Co expropriate dominated. Nurses and doctors from the hospital movement, which successfully went on strike last year, gathered in the health block; and in the climate block, Fridays for Future joined forces with groups like Ende Gelände and Extinction Rebellion.

The autonomists were not absent either, forming an anarchist, predominantly black bloc. At the end of the demo, the Left Party also ran with the state chairwoman Katina Schubert, among others.

Several other crisis alliances joined the redistribution alliance, including the Enough is Enough initiative, which has so far managed to be something like the voice of left-wing social protests, at least online, and the campaigns #Iampoverty and Not on our backs.

On the other hand, that part of the left that was unable to break away from old solidarity with Russia even with the Ukraine war and that considers the opening of Nord Stream to be a future-oriented demand was neither invited nor noticeable.

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