Demand for gender parity is unconstitutional

Demand for gender parity is unconstitutional

Dhe messed-up electoral law reform of the traffic light has not even been issued by the Federal President (who should raise some doubts here), because the President of the Bundestag wants it Baerbel Bas make the project a complete farce and even more a case for Karlsruhe. Apart from the fashion of lowering the voting age, which keeps popping up again and again, the Paulskirche anniversary is now being taken completely ad absurdum: Gender parity is to move into the House of Representatives.

return to the corporate state

That would be a return to the idea of ​​the corporate state and a turning away from freedom and democracy, which has already failed in two federal states. And the Federal Constitutional Court has already given some hints on this.

Each party is at liberty to increase the proportion of women in all positions – and to advertise precisely with this. And why only to 50 percent? Every member of parliament is a representative of the entire German people. It is always legitimate to make the proportion of certain groups in the Bundestag an issue. But Parliament must reflect the free will of the electorate – and nothing else. Equal opportunities are secured precisely by the absence of quota and parity requirements. And the state must not dictate to the parties who they have to nominate. But it would be good if there were more MPs who felt committed to freedom.

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