Delay for successors of the 9-euro ticket

Dhe 9-euro ticket was born in a nightly meeting of the coalition committee and implemented within just three months. A nationwide successor model, whether for 49 or 69 euros, will probably take much longer. The reason for this is a dispute between the federal and state governments over finances - not just in relation to the ticket itself, but in relation to the entire local public transport system.

This is at a special meeting of the transport ministers of the federal states with the federal transport minister Volker Wissing (FDP) became clear on Monday. In a unanimous decision, the federal states announced their intention to introduce such a nationwide ticket. For this purpose, however, a "top-class" working group should first be set up, which will determine the framework specifications for a follow-up ticket and its financing by the time of the regular conference of transport ministers on October 12th and 13th.

Based on model calculations, ticket models should then be submitted to the transport ministers for a decision. However, the transport ministers tied their decision to the fundamental demand that the federal government first dig much deeper into its pockets than it has done so far. According to the states, the 1.5 billion euros promised by Wissing are not enough. In addition to this amount, they are demanding a further 3.165 billion euros in regionalization funds in order to compensate for the rising energy costs and to be able to further expand the range of buses and trains in the future.

The share of the federal states is still open

"We need more money in the system," said Maike Schaefer, Senator for Mobility in Bremen and Chair of the Conference of Transport Ministers. How much the countries are willing to give is still open. Specific numbers were not given. The federal government has already transferred regionalization funds of 9.4 billion euros to the federal states this year, plus another billion to compensate for the losses in connection with the corona pandemic.

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