Debate on arms deliveries: Traffic light lets Union rebuff

The CDU and CSU are applying in the Bundestag to deliver more heavy weapons to Ukraine. The traffic light refers to current commitments from NATO partners.

A camouflaged infantry fighting vehicle Marder of the Bundeswehr

The CDU's "tank offensive" is blocked Photo: Sven Eckelkamp/imago

BERLIN dpa/taz | The Bundestag does not vote on the delivery of battle tanks and other heavy weapons to Ukraine requested by the Union faction. The deputies of the traffic light parties and the left-wing faction prevented the vote and instead referred the application on Thursday to the responsible foreign affairs committee for consultation. "They hide behind procedural issues," criticized the parliamentary manager of the Union faction, Thorsten Frei (CDU).

In its application, the parliamentary group calls for “the approval for the export of battle tanks, armored personnel carriers and transport tanks from industrial stocks to Ukraine to be granted immediately and also for heavy weapons, in particular armored combat vehicles and more long-range artillery, also from the stocks of the Bundeswehr to deliver to Ukraine”.

The Ukraine now lacked these tanks, said defense politician Johann Wadephul (CDU), "that's a serious mistake." If you're serious about the shock of Mass graves in Bucha and IzyumWadephul continued, one must prevent this in the future - with heavy arms deliveries.

Government counters, left wants gun ban

Gabriela Heinrich (SPD) explained that the federal government was acting “level-headed, clear and far-sighted” in its reaction to the Russian war of aggression. What has already been delivered, is more than an "alms", as the CDU recently called it. Alexander Gauland (AfD) claimed that the war in Ukraine was "a dispute that does not concern us".

When the former AfD politician Robert Farle took the lectern, the plenum shouted “to the right for the AfD”. The now non-party deputy spoke of a NATO provocation and an "Ukraine controlled by America". Members of the plenary shouted “Shame on you!”. Ali Al-Dailami (left) demanded "diplomatic offensives" from the Union instead of "tank offensives" and earned a shake of the head from the governing parties.

Union itself comes under criticism

Some representatives of the two traffic light coalition partners Greens and FDP had spoken out in favor of the direct delivery of German battle tanks in the past few weeks. In the SPD, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht have so far rejected this. Lambrecht said on Wednesday: "Ukraine will now get tanks delivered very quickly, namely 40 tanks from Greece, 28 from Slovenia, and Germany will then help to close these gaps in the two countries."

Green Party leader Omid Nouripour said in the plenum on Thursday that it was tiring to discuss the various weapon systems: "In the end, there has to be a balance between weighing up within the alliance and Ukraine's needs." Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP) criticized the Union: Its politicians had been at the head of the Ministry of Defense for 16 years. It was their fault that given the poor equipment of the Bundeswehr, one now had to worry about where Germany should get the weapons for Ukraine.

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