Death sentence against officials at the party congress of the CP

GJust six senior officials in China's security apparatus were sentenced this week: three former provincial police chiefs on Wednesday, a former justice minister and a former political commissar on Thursday, and, to top it off, a former deputy minister of public security on Friday. The choreography of the judgments was no accident. The men are accused of forming a "political clique" together. Heads of state and party leaders sensed behind such networks Xi Jinping Germs for the rise of political opponents.

Friederike Böge

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

Former Deputy Minister of Public Security Sun Lijun, who was sentenced to death on Friday, was believed to be the head of the group. However, the execution was suspended for two years and is then to be commuted to life imprisonment. The court in Jilin Province charged him with corruption, stock market manipulation and illegal possession of firearms.

culmination of a cleanup campaign

Earlier, the Communist Party's disciplinary commission had broken the baton: "Sun Lijun has formed a clique for personal gain, cultivated personal power and interest groups, and thus seriously endangered political security," an official of the supervisory authority said in a television documentary , which aired in January. His rope team is a “typical example” of extremes corruption and decadence. So an example should be made of Sun. The remarks came from a prime-time television four-part series entitled "No Tolerance," which praised Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign.

The former deputy minister himself appeared in the same documentary. In an allegedly coerced "confession," he revealed his "political clique" and that he accepted bribes totaling the equivalent of $14 million in 2011, much of it hidden in boxes of seafood. Such televised confessions are part of Chinese show justice.

The suspected financier Wang Like, former deputy provincial head of the Jiangsu Political and Legal Affairs Commission, was also sentenced to a suspended death penalty, effectively life imprisonment, on Thursday. The same applies to former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua, who was accused of corruption and lack of loyalty to Xi Jinping. Sun also "confessed" to buying apartments for the children of former Shanghai Party leader Gong Daoan and finding jobs for his family. Gong was sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday.

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