Day care center quality law: Dispute over language day care center program

WBecause the financing of the so-called Good Daycare Act expires at the end of the year, the cabinet decided on Wednesday to spend almost four billion euros on better quality in daycare centers. In the next two years, the kindergartens are to be built according to the plans of the Federal Minister for Family Affairs Lisa Paus (Greens) specifically ensure better quality in childcare.

Heike Schmoll

Political correspondent in Berlin, responsible for “Bildungswelten”.

Paus therefore has the law in the tradition of her predecessor Franziska Giffey (SPD) called the “Kita Quality Act”. Specifically, investments are to be made “in qualified specialist staff, good equipment, health, nutrition and exercise. And quite explicitly also in language training,” said Paus after the cabinet meeting.

The federal states are no longer allowed to finance certain supposedly quality-enhancing steps, such as a reduction in daycare contributions, with federal funds. If childcare cannot be offered free of charge in a federal state anyway, parental contributions should be staggered nationwide according to mandatory criteria, so that parents with higher incomes also pay higher contributions.

Dispute over language daycare program

The next step towards more quality in day care centers and child day care should bring the quality development law with nationwide standards for child day care, which should come into force in this legislative period, announced Paus. Indirectly, the Federal Minister for Family Affairs admits that quality criteria played a subordinate role in the Good Daycare Act and that the focus was on increasing the number of children cared for, even if the former Minister for Family Affairs Giffey always denied this.

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