David de Gea before moving to Juventus? Man United would have to act

David de Gea before moving to Juventus? Man United would have to act

David de Gea

David de Gea

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David de Gea is an issue at Juventus. The keeper can leave Manchester United on a free transfer in the summer. Will Kevin Trapp then be an issue again?

Because yourself Juventus Neither with Wojciech Szczesny in goal nor with his replacement shows David de Gea in the focus of the Italians. It’s becoming increasingly clear for Manchester United that they need a new number one.

Even in this young season, Juventus has been chasing their own, still high standards. During the first two games in the Champions League have already been lost, one stands in the Series A only in eighth place.

One of the problems that the club management would like to have identified: the goal. Neither with the number one Wojciech Szczesny, who has been playing for the club since the summer of 2017, are still really satisfied with substitute Mattia Perin. Accordingly, the view wanders to other clubs in order to possibly secure a new keeper.

de Gea an option for Juventus – free transfer likely

Several English and Italian media report that David de Gea is an interesting personality for Juve (via football.news).

The Spaniard has in Manchester a contract that runs until the end of the season. According to the current status, he would even be available for free. Not exactly unimportant for Turin, the financial situation of the club does not look as rosy as in the past. Recently, for example, the losses for the previous financial year were announced: there were a whopping 254 million euros in the red.

This only makes the need for good, but at the same time as inexpensive transfers as possible, even greater.

It now seems unlikely that de Gea will extend his contract at United. Also the telegraph recently reported that doubts about this scenario among those responsible are increasing. So the farewell at the end of the season is only more likely.

If de Gea goes: United could knock on Trapp again

Regardless of whether the keeper then joins Juventus or another club, the Red Devils will need a new keeper. It’s quite possible that then again Kevin Trap is knocked on.

Already in the last transfer summer there was a very concrete interest – even a contract was already presented to him. But he decided to stay Eintracht Frankfurt. Should Manchester knock again next season, the decision could be different.

Another candidate on the list could be Jan Oblak. While Atletico’s keeper recently signed a long-term deal, he is said to be unhappy. That’s why you should look around for a new keeper for the Rojiblancos. Appropriately, one is also thinking about a return campaign from de Gea.

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