David Carrick: Notorious rapist worked as a police officer for years

During the day, David Carrick guarded Prime Ministers and MPs. In his free time, he raped, abused, and humiliated women. Apparently there was a method in looking the other way, and more than 1,000 cases are currently being investigated against members of the Metropolitan Police.

“I can kill you without leaving any evidence. As a police officer, I know my way around.” With these words have David Carrick, 48, threatened a woman he met on Tinder. “At first he was very charming, very polite,” the woman told the Guardian newspaper. At that time she still thought she had found the right one. They went out together, even went on vacation together. But soon the humiliations began – first verbally in the circle of friends, then at home, physically. He tried to take control of her bank account, isolated her from her family, followed her every step, including online.

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