Daimler starts truck production in China

Dhe truck manufacturer Daimler Truck continues its expansion plans in China despite calls for greater decoupling from the country. The group, which is considered the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, will start production of Mercedes-Benz trucks in its Chinese joint venture this Friday, the company announced.

This shows once again that the demands of the Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens), for example, that trade with China restrict, fell on deaf ears in the German auto industry.

When asked about the political tensions, Daimler Truck Asia Board Member Karl Deppen said the situation was being monitored very closely. However, investment decisions are very long-term, said the manager in a video conference with journalists as part of the commercial vehicle trade fair IAA Transportation took place in Hanover.

Daimler hopes for growth

China is "the largest market for heavy trucks in the world and offers significant growth potential," said Deppen. Last year, the company turned over only 5.7 of 39 billion euros in Asia, most of it in Japan. So far, a third of sales have come from Europe and the USA. Daimler Truck has been an independent company for nine months and before that belonged to the Mercedes-Benz group.

According to Deppen, the market in China is becoming more professional. That's why he thinks it's a good time to start with the more expensive Mercedes trucks in China. These are more expensive to purchase, which is what Chinese customers have previously paid particular attention to. However, energy costs would now also become a major issue in the People's Republic. Therefore, “the high efficiency of our vehicles will make itself felt.

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