CSU General Secretary Martin Huber holds a doctorate

CSU General Secretary Martin Huber wants to voluntarily forego using his doctorate. This is his response to the review of his doctoral thesis by the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, which had become known shortly before. The responsible doctoral committee at Munich University, which Huber had asked for an examination, came to the conclusion “that the handling of the formalities as a scientific technique does not meet the scientific requirements of a dissertation”.

The member of parliament “Dr. Martin Huber” stated the literature that was adopted in the dissertation, but he did not comply with the scientific conventions when dealing with research literature, according to which literal and content-related adoptions are to be distinguished. The fact that the readers are left in the dark about the relationship between their own work and the work of other authors raises the suspicion of deception.

However, the doctoral committee also emphasized that the intention to deceive could not be proven without a doubt, since Huber had consistently specified his templates and the supervisor of the work assessed this working method as acceptable. In the opinion of the doctoral committee responsible for the examination, the work should have been returned for revision, it should not have been accepted as a dissertation.

Plagiarism researcher Zenthöfer reviewed the dissertation

The reason for the review were allegations by the plagiarism researcher Jochen Zenthöfer, who initially spoke in the “Bild am Sonntag” of quotations without or with incorrect source information in the dissertation. At the time, Zenthöfer told the German Press Agency that the standards of good scientific work had not been met in the dissertation. The errors went beyond individual citation errors.

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