Criticism of Flick and DFB

TDespite the 4-2 victory against Costa Rica, the German national team is in the Football World Cup eliminated. Many spectators had already commented during the game that progress had not been lost against Costa Rica, but against Japan.

“Even if there were deficiencies today. Germany did everything to get through. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do about the fact that Spain finally accepted a defeat against Japan. If we had advanced 4-2 today, Germany would have been showered with praise,” writes one user.

In the search for explanations for the end, sporting assessments are mixed up with assumptions that the reasons for the end are to be found off the field. Almost all emotions are depicted between glee, anger, sadness and disappointment. “I’m not angry, just disappointed,” writes a Twitter user, for example. “I’m stunned, what’s going on here?” comments another.

The national coach is also criticized Hansi Flick, who changed only one position in the starting line-up compared to the Spain game and brought in Leroy Sané for Thilo Kehrer. Center forward Niclas Füllkrug, who scored after being substituted on as he did against the Spaniards, initially had to sit on the bench. Now some even want consequences. “Of course, the training has to be better. But you also have to get more out of this squad. But if you don’t field the players who are in good form (Götze, Füllkrug, Hummels is at home), but rather those who have been injured or injured for a long time (Müller, Sané, Goretzka), you will be punished,” complained a Twitter user.

There was a lot of discussion about filling jugs in particular. Because of his performance in the game against Spain, some spectators were sure that he would be on the pitch from the start: “With what justification does Flick consistently not bring in Füllkrug as a starting player from the first game, the only real center forward and the best striker in the league ? There isn’t a single leader on the team. And no performance principle, no hierarchy,” writes a user on Twitter. This user sees it similarly: “We had a good squad with us. Before the game it was clear that we would have to score seven to eight goals to do it on our own. Then he plays with Müller up front, who hasn’t had a single shot on goal in two games. Havertz and Füllkrug three goals in 30 minutes!”

But not only Hansi Flick is now under criticism, also national team director Oliver Bierhoff is counted according to some users: “I don’t want to say at all that Bierhoff, Flick, etc. have to go, but Khedira’s defense is slightly absurd. Khedira: ‘Oliver and Hansi Flick are very honest, very self-critical.’ That’s no reason to keep her.”

In recent weeks, however, it has often not been the performance on the pitch that has been discussed, but a lot off the pitch. Almost half of the Germans would have liked the national team to send a clearer signal for human rights at the World Cup in Qatar. This is based on the current trend in Germany ARD out, which was published on Thursday. For 48 percent of those surveyed, the way in which the German Football Association and the national team have so far taken a stand on the political and human rights situation in the host country does not go far enough.

This trend can also be read online, which is why some viewers are now full of glee. “After the team said they ‘just want to focus on football’ I don’t think they focused on football anymore!” wrote one user. “This path was really not easy, but rocky and difficult, but in the end Germany decided to boycott the World Cup of shame. Have a safe flight home,” wishes another.

In the run-up to the Germans’ last preliminary round match, the French referee Stéphanie Frappart was also in the focus of the spectators. She is the first female referee to be used at a men’s World Cup. Ever since she was nominated for the game, football fans have been debating and commenting on this decision. Most Twitter-Users see this as an important and correct step towards more equality – also in sports. “Today at 8 p.m. history will be made. In an Arab country, 22 men dance to a woman’s tune! LET’S GO Stéphanie Frappart,” writes a Twitter user.

And one user even believes: “It wouldn’t have happened with a woman as a trainer.”

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