Criticism of DAZN for comment about Jeremias Ledesma

Dhe streaming service DAZN has because of an inappropriate tweet to FC Barcelona game in Cádiz overshadowed by a medical emergency asked for an apology. "We had only seen and posted the goals and unfortunately we were not aware of the serious circumstances surrounding the game," the provider wrote on Twitter on Saturday evening. "We wish the person concerned a speedy recovery."

The game was interrupted in the 82nd minute because of the emergency in the stands. Cádiz FC goalkeeper Jeremias Ledesma ran to the stands with a defibrillator and threw it on the stands. The 29-year-old was celebrated by the fans in the stadium and on social media.

"Shame on you"

DAZN sent a tweet in the evening - without going into detail - about the last goal conceded for Cádiz in injury time, in which Ledesma acted unhappily. "When your best friend is in goal with the opponents," was written under the scene.

The German national goalkeeper from Barcelona FC, Marc-André ter Stegen, commented on this later deleted tweet with the words: "Inappropriate and disrespectful. For the repeated time! Shame on you.” DAZN had broadcast the game live on the Internet.

Commentator Uwe Morawe immediately classified Ousmane Dembélé's goal (90 + 2) in view of the interruption and pictures before: "Of course not a happy figure for goalkeeper Jeremias Ledesma, but here we will forgo the big analysis." The streaming service described his tweet then himself as "inappropriate" and also informed about the deletion.

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