Cristiano Ronaldo: what remains of the soccer star? His style – society

Milled hairline, private jet bitching and chilled six-pack: When Cristiano Ronaldo steps out of the spotlight, we will at least miss him as an idiosyncratic style icon.


Silke Wichter

That may not be entirely biased now. Personally you have Cristiano Ronaldo finally much to thank. The Portuguese center forward supported the author’s family for years – as the subject of the reports of the husband, who writes about football. And what wasn’t there to report. Bicycle kick goals, various club and woman changes, record sums, cold chambers for muscle building, self-commissioned documentary, self-commissioned children via surrogate mother. “CR7” was a gold mine for every sports and tabloid journalist. He liked to deliver the biggest stories, such as his departure from Real Madrid in 2018, in the middle of the holiday season. If the man knew what you went through with him, or because of him, he would be extremely satisfied with himself and his effectiveness.

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