Cristiano Ronaldo appears with controversial psychologist Peterson

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Cristiano Ronaldo shows up with Jordan Peterson – the controversial psychologist comments on this

Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Jordan B. Peterson

Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Jordan B. Peterson

© Screenshot Instagram / Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo shared a photo of himself with famous and controversial psychologist Jordan B. Peterson on Instagram. The latter commented on the reasons for the meeting on a talk show.

Cristiano ronaldo is one of the most famous footballers in the world. Jordan B. Petersen is one of the most famous psychologists in the world. Now there is a photo of the two together. Ronaldo shared it on his Instagram account two weeks ago. The two men stand side by side, Ronaldo has his arm on Peterson’s shoulder. “Nice to see you my friend” and #seeyousoon, which sounds like seeing you soon, he wrote.

In the comment columns next to Ronaldo’s post, many express their admiration for both men out and look forward to seeing them together. There are also a few critical voices in between.

Jordan B. Peterson and his abhorrence of political correctness

Because Jordan B. Petersen is not only one of the most famous psychologists, he is also one of the most controversial. For some he is an icon in the fight against political correctness, for others a hate figure. He became famous with his book “12 Rules for Life”. In it he describes the structure of hierarchies and how people can move successfully within these structures, especially people who suffer from illness or economic hardship and are at the bottom of the hierarchy.

But over the years, Peterson has increasingly made headlines for his criticism of left-wing social developments and the West in general. He almost abhors suggestions from universities for more diversity, inclusivity and equality. The clinical psychologist gave up his professorship at the University of Toronto at the beginning of this year because he found the developments there unsustainable. There is applause for this from the right. Most recently, Peterson attracted attention this summer with crude, relativizing statements about the Russian war of aggression.

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo showing up with him? This is what the psychologist talked about on Piers Morgan’s show. “He invited me to meet him,” Peterson said. Ronaldo had problems a few months ago. A friend then showed him some of Peterson’s videos and Ronaldo read one of his books and found it very helpful.

“He wanted to talk,” Peterson said. So that’s exactly what they did: He went to see Ronaldo and they talked for about two hours. It was all about what Ronaldo wanted to do in the future. He would describe the conversation as “strategic conversation,” summarizes Peterson.

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